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In Aprica, in a part of the Orobie Valtellinese Regional Park, an Eco-Wildlife Mountain Observatory has been made, directed by Dott. Pedroni (a bio naturalist). It was opened on 25th July 1997, and stretches over a vast area of over 25 hectacres, all fenced off, inside which can be found a path that is easy to follow and walk so the visitor can learn about nature and observe animals and plant species present in the Park.


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The Orobie Valtellinese Park extends over a vast area of over 44.000 hectacres, with a difference in altitude starting from 900 meters up to the summit peaks. The Eco-Wildlife Alpine Observatory, opened in 1997, is at the eastern end of the park, the western being Ca’ Priula in Albaredo S. Marco.


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The Natural Reserve of the "Valleys of Sant’Antonio", was established in 1983 (one of the first in Lombardy) and is situated in the territory of Brescia, in the neighbouring municipality of Corteno Golgi.  The easiest access is located 5 km from Aprica towards Edolo, taking the Campagnola turning, but you can also reach it by foot following the scenic paths that start from Aprica to the south-east orobic ridge.

val di campovecchio

This old peat bog on a plateau not far from Aprica, is an area under environmental protection where in summer you can have relaxing walks and in winter immerse in its beautiful pinewood, on foot or with snowshoes or along the 7,5 km cross-country trail. Rare species of flora and fauna inhabit this peat bog formed 10,000 years ago after the last glaciation of the Alps.


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