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Aprica magnolta

This  ski area was developed in the 80's, and has its peak elevation on a wide and broad ridge 2.000 meters above sea level, close to the hut of the same name. A gondola, a chairlift that reaches 2060m, a ski lift and a carpet lift are the lifts available. There are two runs of easy to medium level at high altitude and a difficult one that arrives into the village, the lower Magnolta (known to many as the “Pistone”), guarantee fun for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. It is equipped with snowmaking facilities and a self service bar and restaurant with a large sun terrace at the top of the gondola. There is also a farmhouse restaurant at approx. 2000 m. in altitude reached either with skis or on foot.  In the winter of 2007/2008 a new link between Magnolta-Palabione, known as the Granvia del Gallo, was opened, while the run in the opposite direction was opened in summer 2008, and has been available from the opening of the ski season  2008/2009. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


palabione aprica

This is the historic area created in the 60's, and it has always been the cradle of Aprica skiing with a difference of over 1000 vertical meters from an altitude of about 2.300 m to the town. A modern 6 seater gondola, chairlifts, ski lifts and a carpet lift provide access to runs able to meet every need.

Aprica baradello

This new ski area opened in 2004-2005, is served by a modern 4 seater covered chairlift with automatic function, which in a few minutes carries skiers from the start in S. Pietro (1.160 m.), to the top at an altitude of 1.970 m. There is also a middle station at approx. 1.600 m. This area has four new runs, of about 15 km in length. In particular, the wide Superpanoramica, that from the top descends to the village, is an ideal introduction to skiing. Most of the pistes have snow making facilities.  This ski area is easily reached from the top and middle of Palabione, whilst from the bottom by the nursery slopes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Aprica campetti

Situated close to the village centre on the south facing side, they extend over a kilometre with easy runs some of 100 metres long, served by a network of skilifts, carpet lifts and a chairlift. It is a great ski school area, ideal for learning to ski. Equipped with artificial snow making facilities, it is also the point where runs coming down to the village reach. The convenience of the position is very much appreciated, as it is easily reached on foot.


The cross-country trail in Pian di Gembro is located in the Reserve of the same name and is spread over a length of 7.5 km, part of which goes into the woods, in a splendid landscape at an altitude of between 1.352 and 1.424 metres. The wide plateau on which it is prepared is 4 kilometres from Aprica, and is an ideal environment to practice this sport.  Beside the tracks, for most of the length of the trail, you can also practice skating technique.


Another cross country trail of 5 km is in Trivigno 1800 m, and can be reached by road from Pian di Gembro.A third trail, the smallest, 0.8 km long, is located in town. Equipped with snow making facilities, is the perfect ring for the first approach to this sport.


There is the Tumel, the ski mountaineering route that reaches plants Magnolta without getting into the ski runs and includes the descent on the track safely. It can be done alone, many do for training: 800 m climb.
Here the route, even GPS

scialpinismo in Aprica


With snowshoes in freedom


In complete silence, with heady scents of the forest, wild animal tracks on the snow and fantastic views. Trips with snowshoes is something everyone can enjoy doing and which is inexpensive.  Above all, everyone at any moment in time can improvise a walk because it is possible to go anywhere at any time.

ciaspolata Aprica

In addition to snowboarding on track there is the Snowpark Campetti for snowboarding. Free to all, we must follow the rules.

initialpark contest980

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