Trivigno - Monte Padrio ski mountaineering route

The ascent towards Mount Padrio, starting from Trivigno, should be considered as little more than a simple walk with skis, rather than a ski mountaineering ascent, seeing as the elevation difference is small (360 m) and the slopes are not steep. The peak is visible from the car park, on the right, and initially a stretch of snow-covered road leads you towards it. Go left before reaching the Valle del Santo. This first stretch of the route is the same as the one for the "Dos della Croce" snowshoeing route. After the crossroads you will go past a few lodges; go right along a path that is easy to follow, past a few small ledges and towards a high plane which leads to the top. The panorama at the peak of Mount Padrio offers 360-degree views of all the surrounding peaks and valleys, an orographic disc, helping to discover the names of all the peaks around us. Return down the same route as the ascent.

Always check the weather forecast before going on an excursion


normal ski mountaineering equipment, ARTVA, shovel and probe recommended.

Useful services: 
Support points: 

Ristorante Bar Paradiso  - tel. 0342 746620 cell. 335 5362964 
Pian di gembro
Ristorante Albergo Le Betulle - tel. 0342 746591(overnight accommodation available)
Cascina Biancotti - tel. 0342 747061 cell. 328 7784347 (overnight accommodation available)
Ristorante Bar Oasi - cell. 328 5680816 - 366 5246664
Ristoro Pian di Gembro - tel. 0342 746918 cell. 339 6866212
Agriturismo Piscè - cell. 330 520174
Ristorante la quercia antica - tel. 0342 746494

Ski mountaineering

The route in brief

  • Length: 3,3 km

  • Altitude at departure: 1792 m asl

  • Altitude at arrival: 2150 m asl

  • Maximum altitude: 2150 m asl

  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 


at the cross country ski slope hut of Trivigno.


  • always use correct equipment and clothing 

  • evaluate your physical conditions as well as those of the people walking with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of terrain

  • observe and avoid variations in weather conditions

  • consider daylight hours and consider journey completion times

  • enthusiasm should never compromise necessary prudence