Baite Premalt path

You can start the route along part of itinerary 7, or from Colonia Bustese at the end of Via Valeriana, or from the hamlet of Fucine, along part of itinerary 11. The dirt road ascends along a series of bends, with a constant uphill gradient, leading to Malghe di Savrone. The wood clears, so that we can observe the beautiful panoramic view of the Adamello Range. The road becomes less steep and leads through meadows until the lodges of Premalt, at 1550 metres. From here you can observe the head of Valle di Campovecchio and many peaks of the Orobien Alps in the province of Brescia. Now continue along itinerary 10, which leads back to Aprica, or head up to the Rifugio Alpini Campovecchio, by descending towards Valle di Campovecchio. 


Normal hiking equipment. Trekking boots are recommended.

Useful services: 

Sentiero tematico Camillo Golgi

Riserva Naturale Valli di Sant'Antonio

Support points: 

Centro Sportivo San Martino / t. 349 8305069

Ristorante Abete / t. 0342 746476

Agriturismo “Al Comù” / t. 347 4680782

Rifugio Alpini Campovecchio / t. 036474108

Ristoro Lucia / t. 347 2999473

  • Length: 5.3 km from Fucine - 4.5 km from Colonia Bustese
  • Altitude Departure: 980 masl
  • Altitude Arrival: 1550 masl
  • Maximum altitude reached 1550 meters above sea level
  • Journey time: 2 hours

Our recommendations

  • always use proper equipment and clothing

  • evaluate your physical conditions and those who walk with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of the soil

  • observe and prevent changes in weather

  • consider the hours of daylight and evaluate the travel time

  • enthusiasm must never cloud the necessary prudence