Bratte – Premalt – Campovecchio path

Start from Piazza delle sei contrade and head east down Corso Roma, until the junction with Via Tonale. Turn right and go up Via Tonale, take Via Ospitale and go past contrada S. Pietro. At the junction turn left and cross the bridge on the Ogliolo. The dirt road now steadily ascends up to Bratte. Go right at the junction (the road on the left descends towards the Colonia); the road intersects with the Baradello Superpanoramic slope. From here go up the slope and soon after you'll come to a path junction, which enters the woods left of the scarp above the slope.

Ascend and cross a small bridge, continue east through the wood. At 1600 metres the path comes to the "roccolo" (a turret in the woods is visible on the side of the path). Bear left at the junction and descend towards the lodges of Premalt. Enjoy the unexpected panorama, with beautiful glimpses of the peaks in the Valli di Sant’Antonio and Adamello range. Pay attention so as not to miss the deviation in the path on your right, close to the lodges, which leads to the path that descends towards Campovecchio.


Normal hiking equipment. Trekking boots are recommended

Useful services: 

Riserva naturale Valli di S. Antonio

Chiesetta di s. Giovanni alle Bratte

Sentiero 4 Luglio

Bivio sentiero 337

Support points: 

Rifugio alpini Campovecchio - 3406425459

  • Path number: 338 - 7
  • Length: 5.1 km
  • Starting altitude: 1470 meters above sea level (from Aprica 1181)
  • Altitude Arrival: 1320 masl
  • Maximum altitude reached 1620 masl
  • Journey time: 1 hour and 40 minutes

alla partenza degli impianti della Magnolta

Our recommendations

  • always use proper equipment and clothing

  • evaluate your physical conditions and those who walk with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of the soil

  • observe and prevent changes in weather

  • consider the hours of daylight and evaluate the travel time

  • enthusiasm must never cloud the necessary prudence