Corteno – Casciù – Piazza

Start from the sports centre square in Corteno. At the roundabout go along Via Pradela for 300m, then take the dirt road on your right, which leads straight to the Casciù junction; here, follow the signpost and take the flat road on the right. Continue as far as the typical lodges of Casciù, where the descent begins, once more along a dirt road. You'll pass a few clusters of lodges in Palù; keep to the dirt road along the descent until the characteristic hamlet of Piazza.


Normal hiking equipment. Trekking boots are recommended.

Useful services: 

Parrocchiale Santa Maria Assunta

Museo Golgi

Chiesetta della Visitazione di Maria ad Elisabetta

Chiesetta di San Martino Franco

Support points: 

Bar Adamello / t. 342 9571326

Laghetto Pescatori Bar/Rist. Picnic / t. 347 0903905

Centro Sport. S. Martino / t. 349 8305069

Bar D&D 

Hotel Rist. Bar Miramonti  / t. 0364 1873043

  • Length: 9 km
  • Altitude Departure: 925 masl
  • Altitude Arrival: 925 masl
  • Maximum altitude reached 1552 masl
  • Journey time: 3 hours

Our recommendations

  • always use proper equipment and clothing

  • evaluate your physical conditions and those who walk with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of the soil

  • observe and prevent changes in weather

  • consider the hours of daylight and evaluate the travel time

  • enthusiasm must never cloud the necessary prudence