The Caronella Valley

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The Caronella Valley

The Caronella Valley, inside the Orobie Valtellinesi Park, offers excursion itineraries suitable for everyone, with the chance to observe breathtaking panoramic views of the mid Valtellina valley.

Upon reaching the ancient hamlet of Carona (descend from Aprica towards Sondrio, follow directions for Val Belviso and then for Carona), where you can leave your car and admire the ancient church of S. Omobono dating back to the 15th century, take the dirt road that gently leads to the lodges of Pra' di Gianni (1350 m) and then shortly after, to the picnic area in Pra' della Valle (1370 m). From this point it is easy to observe and reach the characteristic waterfalls, before continuing along a steeper path towards Malga Caronella (1860 m).

The fittest of walkers can climb to 2600 metres, up to the Caronella pass (an itinerary of 4/5 hours), before descending along the upper Serio valley towards Lake Barbellino, where you'll find Rifugi Barbellino and Antonio Curò.

The Caronella and Bondone Valleys are Sites of Community Importance, part of the Natura 2000 Network.