The Orobie

 Valtellinesi Park

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The Orobie Valtellinesi Park

The Orobie Valtellinesi Park is home to an astonishing variety of ecosystems. Starting from Aprica, the eastern gateway to the park, there are 14 valleys, each with their own landscapes of rare beauty, which visitors can admire. Paths, routes, and stop-off areas mean that these sometimes unknown places can be experienced with simple walks that are suitable for all levels, or more challenging excursions. The symbol of the park, the precious wood grouse still finds suitable conditions for its reproduction here. Viola comollia and Sanguisorba dodecandra are two floral treasures that can be spotted in this area. The Alpine Nature Wildlife Sanctuary in Aprica is an educational-naturalistic open-air facility where you can view the park's fauna up close and in full safety.

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