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In Aprica you'll have the chance to try your hand at climbing, up natural and artificial walls. The climbing centre in Castelli features 10 climbing routes, with difficulty levels ranging from 5a to 4a, making them suitable for beginners or the inexperienced. To reach it, go up via della Noce from contrada Dosso, until Castelli. The facility is open to the public. An outdoor climbing centre is located close to Piazza delle sei contrade, where children and youths can participate in rock climbing courses or lessons. Moreover, in Aprica large artificial facilities are available for free climbers at the sports centre in via Magnolta, which has hosted national and international competitions.

A via ferrata (protected climbing route), "Via del cuore alla croce", leads to the cross of Mount Palabione, a wonderful opportunity to practice this climbing technique, starting from "Valletta del Palabione" before going up the western edge, amid very steep but no overhanging rock faces, with grass-covered rocks along most of the route. Make your safe début in the world of climbing: contact:

Artificial wall: Luca Polatti: tel. +39 340 7791199

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Guide Parco Orobie Valtellinesi: e-mail

Guide alpine Vallecamonica: cell. +39 346 5788907 / +39 347 4574251 e-mail