Cross country ski trail in Trivigno

Trivigno, 1800 m, immersed in the magical silence of nature, invites you to experience cross country skiing along a spectacular 7 km slope, with two short alternative routes, 2.5 and 4.5 km long respectively. A plateau that attracts sports enthusiasts like a magnet and fully satisfies their senses and desire to express themselves through sporting endeavours in harmony with the environment, as they admire nature in its primary essence. An unmissable experience that regenerates body and mind.


Useful services: 

There are benches and tables; the small changing room facility is temporarily closed due to the recent anti-COVID 19 Decree

Cross country ski rental

Support points: 

Ristorante Bar Paradiso  - tel. 0342 746620 cell. 335 5362964 
Pian di gembro
Ristorante Albergo Le Betulle - tel. 0342 746591(overnight accommodation available)
Cascina Biancotti - tel. 0342 747061 cell. 328 7784347(overnight accommodation available)
Ristorante Bar Oasi - cell. 328 5680816 - 366 5246664
Ristoro Pian di Gembro - tel. 0342 746918 cell. 339 6866212
Agriturismo Piscè - cell. 330 520174
Ristorante la quercia antica - tel. 0342 746494

Cross country skiing

Long ring 7 km
Level of difficulty: difficult
Elevation Difference: 150 m

Medium ring 4.5 km
Level of difficulty: medium
Elevation Difference: 100 m  

Short ring 2.5 km
Level of difficulty: medium
Elevation Difference: 100 m  

about 30 parking lots at the entrance to the trail in Trivigno, at the end of the road (see map)



  • always use correct equipment and clothing 

  • evaluate your physical conditions as well as those of the people walking with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of terrain

  • observe and avoid variations in weather conditions

  • consider daylight hours and consider journey completion times

  • enthusiasm should never compromise necessary prudence