A select, but wonderful few: there are just 4 difficult runs in the Aprica&Corteno ski area, each an immense source of satisfaction for the most proficient skiers.

The Magnolta "Pistone"  

Few call this piste by its real name, “lower Magnolta”, to everyone it is the "Pistone". An adrenalin-packed black run which descends from Magnolta towards the town. 2 km and a 500 metre drop of pure fun, along trails that put your legs and breath to the test. There are few stretches where you can relax: this slope demands maximum concentration and is a source of immense satisfaction for proficient skiers.

Pass the red Poncera and Roccolo slopes to tackle three tough "walls", in relentlessly quick succession. At the bottom of the third one, on the right there is a diversion that leads to Palabione, then a plateau just before the arrival, right in front of the gondola. It is one of Aprica's best-loved itineraries and a day on the slopes would not be complete without going on it once, or even twice, because when you reach the bottom, the urge is strong to return to the top and tackle it once more! The snow is always perfect, often even at the end of the season, as it is protected from the sunlight

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