Aprica – Monte Belvedere path

Start from Piazza delle sei contrade and head west down Corso Roma until the Infopoint; turn right into Via Bernina, then left into Via Stelvio, until contrada Dosso. Pass the contrada and continue along Via della Noce, until you reach a small wayside shrine. The path begins shortly after on your right, constantly ascending up to a junction, where you bear left (the path on the right is the 351B and leads up to Piscé), up to a panoramic point where you can enjoy highly suggestive views of Aprica. The view of the Aprica winter ski area is complete, with Magnolta on your right, Palabione in the middle and the unmistakable "S" of the Baradello Superpanoramica on your left.

To the east, the Adamello range with the summit of Monte Baitone closes this incredible panorama. The path continues as you ascend through the forest up to Monte Belvedere, easily recognisable due to the presence of a few, highly visible antennae. The last part of the path offers truly spectacular views of Valtellina and the Teglio, Bianzone and Villa di Tirano area.

Once you reach the antennae, the path turns into a dirt road that leads to Piscé in a few minutes.


Normal hiking equipment. Trekking boots are recommended

Useful services: 

Contrada Dosso
Murales in contrada Dosso
Palestra di arrampicata “Castelli”

Support points: 

Osteria al Dosso 0342 745029 Agriturismo Piscè +39 330 520 174

  • Path number: 351
  • Length: 3.2 km
  • Starting altitude: 1190 masl
  • Altitude at arrival: 1430 masl
  • Maximum altitude reached: 1495 masl
  • Journey time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Corso Roma


  • always use correct equipment and clothing 

  • evaluate your physical conditions as well as those of whoever is walking with you

  • carefully consider the conditions of terrain

  • observe and avoid variations in weather conditions

  • consider daylight hours and consider journey completion times

  • enthusiasm should never compromise necessary prudence